Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up, up up we go! And a musical visit July 9-11

Docked at Lock 8

Jamming by the Erie Canal -we even sang the Erie canal song

July 9th is Grandma's birthday - Happy Birthday Grandma!!

On the morning of the 9th, we left the dock in Waterford and lined up for the Waterford flight with 3 other boats. What an awesome set of locks! It is like taking an elevator up a waterfall in 5 rides. By the fifth one you are up pretty high and get a good look over the valley. And so our series of locks through the Erie canal has started. It didn't take long to get the hang of it again although we did remember quickly that it is a lot easier to be going down than up, and the first couple of days of this is all up.

On Thursday night we tied up at lock 8. It is a good wall to tie up to and we had the pleasant company of another Canadian boat. On Friday we continued the climb through to lock number 15 at Fort Plain. At Fort Plain we planned to stay an extra day to have some company. Chris and Divya from the sailboat Maggie M came to visit from Amherst, Massachusets. We had met them in Marathon and started jamming together and have continued the friendship. They left their boat in Chesapeake Bay and are home for the summer. Chris brought his guitar and Divya her angelic voice and we had a wonderful time playing and singing. Then we all went out to dinner with some other friends of theirs who live in the area. It was amazing that we were able to coordinate this rendezvous and it was sure worth it!

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