Saturday, July 18, 2009

Locking down to Oswego July 15

Christopher fending off the stern in the lock.
Laurean, Christopher and Mom beside the canal between Lock 7 and 8.
We headed into Lock 1 of the Oswego Canal at the same time as Y Knot. We had noticed the evening before that the downstream side of the lock had a lot of debris. Knowing our problem with our water intake, Y Knot offered to exit ahead of us to plow through the clump first. Shortly aftering exiting however we knew our intake was blocked again. There didn't seem to be a docking option in sight so we were contemplating dropping the anchor when Cam from Y Knot offered over the radio to circle back and we tie up to them. So that's what we did. That let us shut the engine off so Dave could perform his magic on the thru hull. Success! Started up the engine, cast off from Y Knot and off we went. Locks 2 and 3 were great! There is no Lock 4. Shortly after Lock 5, Dave started exhibiting the same body language that told me we were blocked again. (Worried glances at the heat guage, constantly craning his neck over the stern to see no water flowing, looking around for a docking location.) Back came Y Knot. "We'll have to stop meeting this way." After we were clear again, we all headed off for Lock 6. Locks 6, 7 and 8 are very close together but there is a nice wall to tie to overnight between Locks 7 and 8 and that was our plan. After Lock 6 I stayed up at my locking position at the bow because lock 7 was right there. I was suspicious however by the sound of the engine being put into neutral, then back into gear that we had probably taken in gluck again. (I decided not to look back for the body language clues, hoping that the 'no news is good news' or 'ignorance is bliss' theories might play out.) Right away we were into Lock 7 then out and heading to the wall for the night. When we were secure there and the engine was off, Dave confirmed my suspicions. Oh well, the day's travels are over, there's time to clear the block now and there is only 1 more lock to go.
Later we took a walk past Lock 8 and down to the marina to check on the arrangements for having the mast stepped (put back up) in the morning.
After supper, Laurean (Y Knot) stopped by to have Christopher join her for her evening walk. I don't know who picked the route but I do know that upon their return, Laureen knew exactly where the marina is that Tiffany Rose is going to tomorrow.
After we leave Oswego we will part ways with Y Knot. They bought their boat in Florida and this trip is their 'taking the boat home' trip. They will be crossing the lake to the Trent Severn to head to Sault St. Marie for arrangements to transport the boat to Vancouver. All former sailors, we have valued their advice, friendship and helpfulness.
This trip has been an amazing experience in that regard. The friendships made along the way we will keep in our hearts forever.

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