Saturday, July 18, 2009

Looking across to Canada! and Sailor Kim! July 17

Christopher enjoying the company of another fine lady friend, Kim!

We can hardly believe that as we poke our bow out of Oswego harbour we are looking across the Lake to Canada. If the end of this journey didn't seem close before, it sure does now! We organized our morning and got Kim's bike all settled in for the start of our travels west along the U.S. side of Lake Ontario. With a good wind in the forecast we had to make sure the bike wouldn't be flying around the boat. Soon after we set out we realized the wind was indeed good, however it was right on the nose. After a couple of tacks we decided to make a little more progress and let the engine take over our propulsion into the wind for a while. But we didn't want Kim's on the water experience to be just motoring. Luckily the wind shifted and we were able to fly full sails and cut the engine...that beautiful sound of silence. Then it was Kim's turn to take the helm and, as her first time ever, she performed like a pro. She would occasionaly lose track of where we were going but out in the lake there is nothing to run into! (see the video clip below)

In control at the helm!

A Full Circle for Tiffany Rose...
By mid afternoon we sailed into our destination - the Sodus Bay Yacht Club in Sodus Bay. For Tiffany Rose this must have felt very familiar because this was her place since she was bought new in 1991. It created a bit of interest in many of the club members as they all knew this boat. One of these members was Eric on the boat Otis from Sodus. We met Eric down in Georgia at Jerkyll Island, so it was great to see him here. When he learned that Kim was planning to bike back to Oswego he went home and dug out some maps of local back roads that would make for a nicer bike ride. Another cruising friend comes through with a generous act of kindness!
Eric on Board showing Kim some better bike routes (note the magnifier Kim needs to use...)

We went for a walk around Sodus Point, which is bustling this weekend with a big fishing event. After a boat BBQ chicken supper we relaxed in the cockpit, kept out of the occasional rain shower and showed Kim a typical cruising evening - drinking and chatting with the water lapping against the side of the boat. Her visit, much like Dan's in Chesapeake Bay, was one of those "in the moment" events. She contacted us a few days earlier and asked where we would be in a few days, and then said "I'll be there". And next thing we knew, there she was. Tomorrow morning she will peddle off into the sunrise and we will decide what our next move will be.

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