Saturday, July 18, 2009

The final 'step' July 16

Christopher winching up the jib halyard.

The lock starts at 7am and the marina starts stepping masts at 8, so we were up and through the lock as shortly after 7 as we could be. (The water intake made it through this time in fine form. Yay!) We docked in front of the gin pole (crane) at the Oswego Marina and started untying the million and one ropes we had securing the mast to the cradle so that we would be ready when Bernie from the marina was ready. Bernie does a lot of these mast stepping and unsteppings for canal travellers so we were happy to let him run the show and did as we were told when we were told. Before we knew it, that part of the job was done and the rest of the rigging was up to us. We took a deep breath because in the fall down in Catskill it had taken us a full day and a half to feel that everything was ready for us to sail away. After walking Tiffany Rose ahead to the fuel dock to fuel up and pumpout, we powered up our semi sailboat (mast but no boom or sails yet) and went to a slip in the marina. By supper time we were feeling ahead of the game with the boom and both sails up and the cradle dismantled. The night before we had met a couple from Etobicoke who were bringing home a new 42 foot Catalina from New York City. Previously they had owned a 34 ft Catalina about the same vintage as Tiffany Rose. While they were having their mast stepped we took advantage of their expertise by asking their advice frequently.
After supper as the sun was setting we tried to fine tune the furler for the jib. After a few attempts we realized our only option was to take the jib right down and start over. So, not as far ahead of our fall time line but still ahead. We took stock of what still needed to be done in the morning, and the jobs were small so it looks like we could leave tomorrow.
Our friend Kim Fournier arrived. She lives in Gatineau and had wanted to do a leg with us on the lake. We couldn't tell her for sure where that first leg would end so didn't know how she could get back to her car in Oswego. "Is there room for my bike on the boat?" What a good idea, we'll make room. When we only travel about 6 m.p.h. I guess she could be pretty confident that we wouldn't get too far away in one day.
Before we could let her park her car for the night though you can guess what we asked. The grocery store that is too far to walk to is open 24 hours, we need some fresh stuff, and juice and...... would you mind? No problem. So a late night trip to Price Chopper was underway in no time then off to bed to see what tomorrow brings.

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