Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tiffany Rose under the tree

Tiffany Rose at Boca Chita by Sharon Lehnert

One day in January ’09, we left Tiffany Rose secured to a mooring ball at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne and took the bus into Miami. Sitting across from us on the bus was a couple and the lady asked us if we were boaters. This couple’s boat was anchored at No Name Harbour and in the comrade-like trading of information that happens when boaters run into each other on land, we found out that not only were they Canadian, but back home they didn’t live too far away. It was Sharon and Richard from sv Lucky, and while Sharon hailed from Chatham, Richard lived outside of Orangeville, very close to home for us.

Over the next few months we were fortunate to be able to spend time with these interesting folk whose sailing experience and stories had us looking to them for either advice or more breathtaking true tales. As we continued south we visited with them at Elliot Key and later on ran into them again during our extended stay in Marathon. On our way home we anchored near them at Sands Key, Dinner Key, in Hurricane Harbour and spent Easter together at Bakers Haulover. While visiting on their boat we saw some of Sharon’s artwork, another talent of this amazing lady.

Fast forward to this past Christmas. Back home in the frozen north we often reflect wistfully on our year away. Captain Dave had a surprise for me under the tree on Christmas morning. A Sharon Lehnert original – Tiffany Rose at Boca Chita!

What a beautiful work of art! We are constantly looking at it saying – “Oh, look at that, I can’t believe she got (this detail, or that detail) just the way it was.”

What a memory, what a keepsake, what a treasure! Thank you Sharon for capturing our home on the water, just the way it was! Fairwinds to you and Richard.

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