Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our family adventure video Dec 23, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

It has taken awhile to sift through the thousands of pictures Christopher took during our journey but we managed to put a bunch together to make up some fun video slideshows. Of course we will be the ones looking at it most often. Each day now we ask each other "where were we last year at this time?" Christopher usually has the right answer.

We are now feeling more adjusted to our life at home again and are getting in the groove of things. Tiffany Rose is on the hard for the winter and we have taken to skiing and snowshoeing.

Video 1 is part 1 of our trip, starting in Hamilton Harbour on Lake Ontario to Belhaven North Carolina.

Video 2 is part 2 from NC to the Florida Keys, and video 3 from Florida to home.

We miss all our sailing friends and hope the winds are treating you well!

Our journey on Tiffany Rose part 1, Lake Ontario to North Carolina

Part 2 of our journey from North Carolina to the Florida Keys

Part 3 of our journey from Florida back home

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Anonymous said...

Awesome trip and great blog. I am glad I came across it. You are very lucky to have had such an adventure.